Automatic Script Updates

Yesterday I posted about Randomizing the Software Update Server for Mac OS X. I posted the script, which I called at But, what if you wanted to update the Software Update Server list in the script automatically using your own URL (ie – on a timed interval)? In this case, you could simply use the following script, which pulls a new copy of the script from the site:
#!/bin/bash URL=”” PATH=”/Scripts/” /usr/bin/curl $URL > $PATH exit 0
Notice that I made the URL and PATH variables. This is really just to make it easier to use if others choose to do so. It would also be pretty easy to add a line at the end to run the script; therefore, it would download the latest copy of the script and then run it. This can also be used as a vehicle for running a number of scripts, pushing out timed updates without ARD (or another similar software package) or just setting a nightly event to look for changes to something and then run it, a process we’ll call mutex checking, for future reference.