Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

This month, for MacTech Magazine, I wrote an article called “Implementing File & Print Services on Windows Servers for Mac OS X Clients.” The article, written with the Enterprise Desktop Alliance, focuses again on replacing Xserve hardware in rack dense environments with services running on Windows. In this article I focused on ExtremeZ-IP and using Centrify to publish shares as automounts. It’s another step in a step-by-step technical approach at deploying Mac OS X clients in Windows environments. Hope you enjoy!

March 10th, 2011

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  • Enterprise Mac Integration

    It’s worth noting to that the general problem is solvable in different ways using other industry players rather than those members of the EDA advertising cartel.

    Server-based integration is available from 3 companies – Quest, Likewise and Centrify. Group logic similarly acts on the server. Thursby software offers client based solutions. Which is best depends on the particular environment.

    • I also did a whole bunch of other articles on using FOSS solutions, building on Ubuntu or Red Hat as well. But then people complained about those solutions not having paid for support. And I’m pretty sure I’ve done articles or written entire chapters of books on all of the products you mention in the past for one outlet or another. You left about 40 other companies off your list as well. Can’t hit em all in every article…