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I recently got the announcement of the new official Microsoft Office Accreditation through MacTech. I was lucky enough to sit in on the previous version of this, so thought I’d push out the information on it. It’s attached to the MacTech Pro Events that MacTech has been running: MacTech_Pro_Events-150
As you know, Microsoft released a public preview of Office 2016 for Mac. MacTech and Microsoft have created a new accreditation for Apple techs called “Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS Accredited Support Professional, 2015.” Prior to the public Office 2016 announcement, we did a preview of this new course under NDA in Seattle earlier this month. We’re now announcing the new accreditation — which covers not only Office for Mac (2011 and 2016), but also Office for iOS and Office 365. In short, anyone that supports others using Microsoft Offie on OS X or iOS should get attend and get this accreditation. If you’re interested, check it out here
PS – You can actually hear Neal’s voice when you read it! 😉

March 20th, 2015

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  • > You can actually hear Neal’s voice when you read it!

    So true!

  • Daniel Hall

    I don’t even need to bash microsoft anymore… but this is something worth verifying or validating… I have used productivity software for 30+ years and know Office well.l The Apple productivity software is more productive AND free and easier to use and does more of what I want and need for business & home. Plus it is accessible from ANY standards compliant web browser and as native software on OSX & iOS… it even works spledidly on the discontinued MS Internet Explorer browser.

    Apple: Pages, Numbers & KeyNote is better than Microsoft: Word, Excel & PowerPoint

    I would LOVE to know some tips on what Office might do better than the newest software which has made me 10x more productive. Anyone know something I dont? I wanna know what MS can do better than Apples Productivity suite… I mean they have 20+ years of experience in the category.. I should hope they haVE SOMETHING.