6 thoughts on “Missing Server.app Settings for AFP”

  1. Hi!
    Great post!
    Do you know where I can find docs about all settings?
    I’m trying to find what these do:

    1. The afp:idleDisconnectOnOff enables and disables the ability for the server to kick users off who not had any afp traffic to or from the server within the period of time. These configure which users that setting applies to:
      afp:idleDisconnectFlag:adminUsers = yes
      afp:idleDisconnectFlag:registeredUsers = yes
      afp:idleDisconnectFlag:usersWithOpenFiles = yes
      afp:idleDisconnectFlag:guestUsers = yes

      And the afp:idleDisconnectTime configures how long before users get bumped. Finally, afp:idleDisconnectMsg = "" configures the message shown to users when they’re actually disconnected. This was all in the Server Admin configuration screen for AFP once upon a time but have since been removed.

      I don’t know of a comprehensive list of what each does. I’ll see if I can find one. If not, maybe I’ll write one up… 🙂

  2. Awesome!
    The problem I’m having is that I’ve got a mini server and if I connect to it through FileSharing then it does not go to sleep any more, even if I disconnect from it.
    I get kernel[0]:
    PM notification cancel (pid 286, AppleFileServer)
    IOPMrootDomain: idle cancel

    If however I set afp:fullServerMode=no then there the server goes to sleep without problems.

    afp:idleDisconnectOnOff is off.


  3. Great post, thank you for sharing. Any idea how to regain the functionality of easily setting ACLs to control group access? I have a folder for our second-year Journalism students that I would like that group to have read and write for. I also like to prevent certain groups from accessing certain shares with a deny rule. I suppose I can dig through the chmod man page…

    1. If you click on the name of the server and then go to Storage, you can set permissions there. All the ACL options should still work. Hope this helps!

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