macOS Logging Subsystems In A Gist

If you happen to be tweaking the macOS subsystems for logging, I’ve put them into a little python class. If you need it, find it at this gist: Could use an array of all the levels, TTLs, and options. But I’ll get to that when I get some time. If this is all you need, though: class Logging(object): __name__ = '' plist = '/System/Library/Preferences/Logging/Subsystems/' def __init__(__name__, plist, *args, **kwargs): super(getLogger/, self).__init__()'Input parameters:\n' 'accessibility: "{}"\n' 'StandaloneHIDFudPlugins: "{}"\n' 'duetactivityscheduler: "{}"\n' 'passkit: "{}"\n' 'AppKit: "{}"\n' 'SystemConfiguration: "{}"\n' 'eapol: "{}"\n' 'persona: "{}"\n' 'AppleIR: "{}"\n' 'TCC: "{}"\n' 'icloudpreferences: "{}"\n' ' "{}"\n' 'AssetCache: "{}"\n' 'TimeMachine: "{}"\n' 'internetAccounts: "{}"\n' 'photoanalysisd.graph: "{}"\n' 'AssetCacheServices: "{}"\n' 'Transport: "{}"\n' 'libsqlite3: "{}"\n' 'photoanalysisd.job: "{}"\n' 'BezelServices: "{}"\n' 'accounts: "{}"\n' 'locationd.Core: "{}"\n' 'photoanalysisd: "{}"\n' 'DesktopServices: "{}"\n' 'amp.MediaServices: "{}"\n' 'locationd.Legacy: "{}"\n' 'pluginkit: "{}"\n' 'ExchangeWebServices: "{}"\n' 'authkit: "{}"\n' 'locationd.Motion: "{}"\n' 'sandbox.reporting: "{}"\n' 'FaceTime: "{}"\n' 'avfaudio: "{}"\n' 'locationd.Position: "{}"\n' 'sbd: "{}"\n' 'Finder: "{}"\n' 'awd.awdd: "{}"\n' 'locationd.Utility: "{}"\n' 'securityd: "{}"\n' 'HTTPServer: "{}"\n' 'awd.framework: "{}"\n' 'mDNSResponder: "{}"\n' 'sharing: "{}"\n' 'IDS: "{}"\n' 'bluetooth: "{}"\n' 'mac.install: "{}"\n' 'siri: "{}"\n' 'IPConfiguration: "{}"\n' 'calendar: "{}"\n' 'mail: "{}"\n' 'social: "{}"\n' 'ManagedClient: "{}"\n' 'captive: "{}"\n' 'mediaremote: "{}"\n' 'socialpushagent: "{}"\n' 'Messages: "{}"\n' 'catalyst: "{}"\n' 'multipeerconnectivity: "{}"\n' 'symptomsd: "{}"\n' 'MessagesEvents: "{}"\n' 'cdp: "{}"\n' 'network: "{}"\n' 'syncdefaults: "{}"\n' 'NetworkSharing: "{}"\n' 'clouddocs: "{}"\n' 'networkextension: "{}"\n' 'useractivity: "{}"\n' 'ProtectedCloudStorage: "{}"\n' 'coreanimation: "{}"\n' 'networkserviceproxy: "{}"\n' 'Registration: "{}"\n' 'coreaudio: "{}"\n' 'nlcd: "{}"\n' 'SkyLight: "{}"\n' 'coredata: "{}"\n' 'notes: "{}"\n' try: plist() except Exception as e: logger.error(e)