Enable Push Notifications In OS X Mountain Lion Server

Push Notifications can be used in most every service OS X Mountain Lion Server can run. Any service that requires Push Notifications will provide the ability to setup APNS during the configuration of the service. But at this point, I usually just set up Push Notifications when I setup a new server. To enable Push Notifications for services, you’ll first need to have a valid AppleID. Once you have an AppleID, open the Server app and then click on the name of the server. At the Overview screen, click on Settings. At the Settings screen for your server, click on the check-box for “Enable Apple push notifications.” At the Apple Push Notification Services certificate screen, enter an AppleID if you have not yet configured APNS and click on OK. The Apple Push Notification Service certificate will then be configured. The certificate is valid for one year, by default. Administrators receive an alert when the certificate is due to expire. To renew, open the same screen and click on the Renew button. Enter the credentials for the AppleID again and then click on Renew Certificate button. The certificate will then be valid for another year.

5 thoughts on “Enable Push Notifications In OS X Mountain Lion Server”

  1. Thanks for writing some useful articles about Mountain Lion Server (seems they are nice supplements to your O’Reilly book on Lion Server which I just purchased yesterday)!

  2. i read somewhere that Apple recommends not using your personal apple id for this. no problem creating another apple id, but just wondering, why is that recommended? what part does the apple id play in all this, and if i was just setting up a small team server, would it really matter if i used my personal id or a new one? many thanks for your advice, i hope your book comes out soon 🙂

    1. Hey Mike, the AppleID thing is much more of an issue with being sure you’re around when it’s time to renew. I always tell clients to use an institutional ID. It’s not really a technical requirement, more of a management/business issue. I try hard to be easily replaced. It’s a point of pride. Also, the AppleID you use can show up in weird places (like info in enrollment certs) so a lot of people don’t want random users emailing them about things. Anyway, good luck and thanks for the kind words!

  3. Will push notifications work when the server is configured as a private domain such as name.server.private?

    I was hoping I could have a private server requiring VPN for direct access from iPhone/mobile while still receiving push notifications of/for events on the server.

    Am I missing something conceptually and basically? Does the server need to be configured as an ‘internet’ server during setup to use push on devices that are off the private network and on the internet, such as a roving cellular iPhone?

    If possible, are there ports that must be open on/to the server to make this scenario work?


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