Disable Caps Lock in Mac OS X

I don’t think I’ve actually used the caps lock key in years. Well, scratch that, I’ve frustratingly used it by accident. I did a post a couple of years back with a couple of ways to disable it for Windows. But recently I’ve been doing a lot of work and have accidentally made the amount of work a little more by enabling the caps lock key and typing entire paragraphs. So to disable, open the Keyboard & Mouse Preference Pane from System Preferences and then click on Modifier Keys. From here, change the Caps Lock Key value to No Action. Check out com.apple.systempreferences.plist and the com.apple.preference.keyboard.config array within it for doing so programatically.

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    If you don’t want to disable caps lock, there’s a free utility called CapSee that puts a notification on your screen just like the volume and brightness bezels, letting you know when you bump the caps lock key on accident. It’s the featured download on Apple’s web site right now:


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