Delete User Configurable nvram In El Capitan

A nifty little feature of nvram is the ability to delete all of the firmware variables you’ve created. This can get helpful if you’ve got a bunch of things that you’ve done to a system and want to remove them all. If you run nvkram followed by a -p option you’ll see all of the configured firmware variables: nvram -p If you run it with a -d you’ll delete the given variables that you define (e.g. boot-args): nvram -d boot-args But, if you run the -c you’ll wipe them all: nvram -c

2 thoughts on “Delete User Configurable nvram In El Capitan”

  1. Huh? ‘smbutil statshares’ is not new to 10.11, it is in 10.10 (I seem to recall it being in 10.9 also). In fact I’m using it in 10.10.5 at this very moment; I ended up here because I was hoping to see if anything has been improved in 10.11, specifically the error it gives me when trying to stat DFS mounted shares.

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