Sorry for shouting. I keep hearing people mention that they can’t upgrade to OS X Mavericks, or Mavericks Server because they need AFP. Well, the change that came in Mavericks isn’t that AFP was deprecated. Maybe it doesn’t get to call shotgun any more when running out to the car, but it’s still there.
The sharing output, which shows afp: List of Share Points name: Charles Edge’s Public Folder path: /Users/krypted/Public afp: { name: Charles Edge’s Public Folder shared: 1 guest access: 1 inherit perms: 0 } The Connect to Server over afp: Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.06.42 AM SMB is now the default protocol. Therefore, if you open a Connect to Server dialog and don’t prefix the string with afp:// then you will automagically connect over smb. Either way, we can clearly see more development is going into SMB than afp. However, afp isn’t dead yet. Sure, badly burned, shot in the arm, broken leg, etc.

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