Address Book File Locations

Address stores its preferences in the following property list files in ~/Library/Preferences:
The Address Book data itself is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook, Here you will find:
  • The SQL Lite database (*.abcddb).
  • Any images associated with addresses are located in the Images folder in that directory
  • Any contacts synchronized (ie – from Address Book services of Mac OS X Server┬áto the local computer are synchronized into the Sources directory (into the .abcddb file located there)
  • Any metadata associated with the contacts in the Metadata directory
  • The MailRecents-v4 file, which contains a cache of the most recently used email addresses
  • A Configuration.plist property list that has the settings for that specific database.
You can interact with the Address Books programatically using sqlite3, which I covered a little while back. You can also interact with it from the API layer.

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