pcastaction verbs

pcastaction comes with a number of verbs, each specific to a type of automation that can be used in Podcast Producer. These include:
  • unpack – extract a folder archive before running the automation
  • shell – run a command or shell script
  • preflight – run a script before the automation
  • postflight – run a script after an automation
  • encode – input a standard video file and then output a video file using a different codec
  • annotate – annotate a files metadata
  • qceffect – run a custom Quartz Composer composition against a file
  • watermark – insert a watermark into an indicated video file
  • title – provide a title for the resultant file
  • merge – merge two existing files
  • iTunes – indicates the video is to be included in an iTunes RSS feed
  • iTunesU – interface with iTunesU the same way that the iTunes verb can do
  • mail – send an email announcement about the new video
  • archive – archive files used in the automation
  • publish – publish the required files into the root of the web server
  • groupblog – add the item into the group’s RSS feed
  • template – create a new file from a template
  • approval – submit content for approval

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