Deleting a Podcast in Podcast Producer

In an earlier post I looked at querying feeds and removing objects from Podcast Producer in a somewhat broad manner. To delete a single podcast (not a feed), you need to first find the ID for the podcast, then delete the corresponding podcast bundle (pdb). Removing assets is one of the only processes with regards to Podcast Producer that isn’t intuitive, and it’s just waiting for someone to wrap these steps into a nice pretty GUI… To find the ID of the podcast, first let’s query the sql database for the title: sqlite3 /Volumes/pcp/PodcastProducer/Server/db.sqlite3 'SELECT * FROM episodes' | grep "TITLE" Note the date and the ID (the big long string) and then browse to /Volumes/pcp/PodcastProducer/Content and then the folder that corresponds to the date obtained from the sqlite3 command. Once opened find the ID (or “big long string”) from the sqlite3 command. Then remove the Podcast Data Bundle that corresponds to that ID: rm -rf .pdb Once the entry has been deleted then resynchronizing the library will get rid of it completely. This can be done using the pcastconfig command along with the –sync_library option: pcastconfig --sync_library

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