Apple Releases Service Migration Guide for macOS Server

Apple won’t be keeping all of the services in macOS Server after the next few months. In the meantime, we have a big old guide to read. I have some overlapping articles I’ve been working on, but I’d say we’re in a similar headspace. The Apple macOS Server Services Migration Guide is available at and covers bind, vpnd, freeradius, manual netinstall with bootp and tftp, apache, wordpress, CalendarServer, and ftp. It’s pretty technical, but nothing too crazy in there!

Overall, an easy read and I’m glad to see some content coming out to help admins!

2 thoughts on “Apple Releases Service Migration Guide for macOS Server”

  1. Those FreeRADIUS instructions remind me what a godsend ([Mac] OS X|macOS) Server’s implementation was; while setting it up wasn’t point-and-click, it was certainly easier than that!

  2. I’m disappointed that Tim Cook has let this server app wither on the vine. I’ve used Mail and although I’ve switched website over to caddy server (it handles https automagically for me), I use the wiki and like the ease of user set up. I’m glad for your posts, but I have a collocated Mac server handling my email for years now. I don’t want to use a hosted solution.

    Will you continue to talk about dovecot? I’m not a sysop but I’m not afraid of sudo and vi either. Homebrew tends to be my fallback.

    I don’t anything about administering the mail service other than clicking in server app!!! LOL

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