Guest Blogging for the #jnuc on Vulnerability Assessments

In case anyone missed this fact: I love to write. The nerdier the content, the better. And when I heard that the JAMF Nation User Conference had a session for InfoSec (and specifically around how we do vulnerability assessments), I knew that was my kind of session. So, the marketing team was kind enough to let me write it up. Here it is on the JAMF Software blog: Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.29.22 PM

One thought on “Guest Blogging for the #jnuc on Vulnerability Assessments”

  1. Nice! for those interested in the client side of securing OS X, Apple provide some good pointers to 3rd party guides:

    It would be cool to plug the OWASP Top-10 in the blog for readers who would like more in-depth understanding of frequent application security issues.

    ps: I think the JNUC party may have caused some cloudiness in your writing, the blog has some non-typical editorial/clarity issues 😉

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