Extension Attribute To Check For OSX/MaMi

Here’s a quick extension attribute to check for OSX/MaMi. Basically, I’m just looking for one of the two DNS servers that always gets put into the list. From what I’ve seen they always come in pairs.  Below is a gist.
Oh and thanks Katie for noticing my errant space! 😉

2 thoughts on “Extension Attribute To Check For OSX/MaMi”

  1. I rather juse ‘/usr/sbin/scutil –dns | awk ‘/scoped queries/,/END/{print}’ | awk ‘/nameserver/{print $NF}’ (from mm2270 on jamfnation) for cases where the current connection is not called ‘Wi-Fi’

    1. Hi @maurits_sanders:disqus. Can you post a link to the article on JAMF nation for that EA from mm2270? I can’t seem to find it.


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