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App Store Stats and Fun Stuff
  • 17,000,000!
  • 900,000,000 lighting connector devices
  • 10 year anniversary of the Apple Music Festival, with Britney
  • 140 billion app downloads
  • 106% YoY download increases
  • 2 times the “nearest competitor”
  • 1/2 million games on the store
  • Mario: Super Mario Run
  • Mention ConnectEd!
  • Everyone Can Code
  • iWork
    • Real Time Collaboration (only behind Google by how long?)
    • But it’s prettier than what Google does
    • Apple is the 2nd largest watchmaker now, and largest smartwatch maker
  • WatchOS 3
    • New dock
    • New faces
    • Tapback messaging
    • Animated stickers in messages
    • Full screen effects, just like in Messages for Mac
    • Breathe
    • Emergency Messaging
    • Developers
    • Pokémon Go for watch
    • 500,000,000 downloads of Go, 4.6 Billion KM
  • Apple Watch Series 2: $369, Series 1 is $269
    • 50 meters, new seals, new adhesives, speaker ejects water
    • Redesigned SiP, 2nd gen display, 2x brighter
    • 1,000 nits, great for sun
    • Built-in GPS – exposed to the API
    • Available in ceramic
    • NikePlus watch
iPhone 7: $629 with Plus starting at $729
  • Over 1 Billion devices, with the best selling product “of its kind” in the history of the world
  • A video that left no dry eyes in the audience
  • New design
  • Jet black finish, black finish (my style btw), gold, silver, rose gold
  • Force sensitive, solid state, taptic Engine-driven home button
  • Homekit, home app, Works with “Apple HomeKit”
  • Messages: Stickers, confetti, etc
  • Water and dust resistant
  • New dual camera, stabilization, f/1.8 aperture sense for 50% more light, six-element sense, 12 megapixel sensor, true tone flash, with 4 LEDs (50% brighter, with a flicker sensor to compensate for artificial lighting), 2x the throughput of the image signal processor (called by Phil Schiller “the supercomputer of” digital photos), depth of field
  • Front-side camera: 7MP FaceTime HD camera, wide color capture, image stabilization
  • 1x to 10x zoom
  • 25% brighter display, wide color gamut, Instagram sent a rep
  • Stereo Speakers on the phones
  • Headphones via lightning or bluetooth, comes with a free adaptor
  • Wireless: Apple AirPods, W1 Apple-designed wireless chip, intelligent high-efficiency playback, infrared sensors detect you, voice accelerometers target the source of your voice, and reduce external noise. 5 hours per charge, 24hours of life off the case, with incredible sound “a technical tour de force”
  • LTE up to 450Mbps
  • Apple Pay goes to Japan
  • Performance: “Apple’s chip team is killing it”
  • A10 Fusion: 64 bit, four-core processor, 40% faster than A9, 2x faster than A8, 120x faster than iPhone1. 2 high performance cores, two high efficiency cores, for longer battery life, with a performance controller, new 6 core graphics chip in the A10, for 3x faster GPU of the A8, for a total of 240x the performance of the original iPhone.
  • 7 and 7 plus now go from 32 to 256GB of storage (yowza)
  • iPhone Upgrade Program, includes a new iPhone every year, choose your carrier, starts at 32/mo and includes AppleCare Plus, now expanding to the UK and China
iOS 10 drops on September 13th 2016, OS X on September 20th, 2016. Things not discussed re: iOS 10:
  • Siri API (e.g. Wink, but also options for when I’ll use the Home app vs Wink – and waiting for Wink to integrate with HomeKit)
  • All the fun new Messages options:
    • Sketches
    • Annotations on photos and videos
    • Bigger emoji
    • Effects in messages
    • Messages app store
    • Memories in Photos like I have in Facebook
  • Better Apple Music and Maps
  • The ability to manage the following with MDM:
    • Callkit: managing the default app for Calls
    • Moving some restrictions to Supervised mode (differentiating Corporate vs personally owned devices
    • Notification APIs

September 7th, 2016

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