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AD HelpDesk is a tool that can be used to manage certain aspects of Active Directory user accounts. Using AD HelpDesk, you can configure an iOS based device to connect to Active Directory using an administrative account (or an account that has been delegated administrative access). Using the tool, you can then find a user. Using the user pane, you can unlock accounts, reset their passwords, force the resetting of the password on the next authentication event and optionally send a user their new password via SMS (a really cool little feature, IMO). There are a lot of useful ways to fit this tool into your service desk or network administration toolbox. Most notably, if you have field services engineers, they can reset passwords easily without needing to take computers with them to visit end users. Or, provided you have VPN access into your environment, you could also reset a password for the executive that calls the emergency line while you’re at the water park with the kids. Overall, nice niche tool that does exactly what the description on the App store claims! Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the developer essentially supplied me with a free copy of the application; however, as always if I didn’t think it worked well I wouldn’t be posting it either way.

August 23rd, 2010

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  • Jay

    Does this work for IPAD’s as well?

    • Sure does. Although I believe it wouldn’t look very good as it isn’t written for the screen layout…