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MDM is a growing hot-button for many organizations — and many don’t yet understand why they need MDM to keep their organizations safe. With the consumerization of IT, the need for MDM has crept up on most.  MacTech is doing a bunch of stuff to help further the MDM cause. For starters, with MDM being SUCH a hot topic, and so many people having no idea that they really need to pay attention to it, MacTech has created a free primer which is now available at: The primer covers the following topics:
  • overview
  • implementation
  • device configuration
  • reasons for MDM
  • user configured/owned devices
  • configuration profiles
  • MDM lifecycle
  • Apple Push Notification Service
  • Enrollment
  • assorted MDM technologies
  • and questions to be asking of MDM providers
MacTech InDepth: Mobile Device Management is on December 7, 2011 in San Francisco.  Early bird pricing saves $200 and will end soon — register now at $295.  Register at

November 16th, 2011

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