A Thermometer For The iPhone

The practical uses of Wearables and Home Automation never cease to amaze me. I recently added a Kinsa thermometer to my collection of useful toys. This little device uses the 1/8th inch jack like the original Jawbone did. It works like a regular thermometer, but displays temperature on an app that runs on the iPhone. It’s simple to setup and once setup, works the same as any other thermometer. IMG_8868 Due to the power of the Internets, you can then select symptoms and check for common ailments that match. IMG_8869 You can also look at your history, tracking the rise and fall of your temperature. IMG_8872 Overall, a cool little device and a cool little app.

2 thoughts on “A Thermometer For The iPhone”

  1. You didn’t think the extra convenience of the Bluetooth ear model was worth it?

    1. Doh. Bought it retail so didn’t have the chance to get Bluetooth. I’ll have to switch to that laters. 🙂


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