macOS Server 5.4 (High Sierra)

  1. Overview of services in macOS
  2. Before you upgrade to macOS Server 5.4
  3. Install macOS Server 5.4
  4. Convert to APFS
  5. Upgrade To macOS Server 5.4
  6. Create macOS Bootable Installers
Directory Services
  1. Create an Open Directory Master
  2. Open Directory Replica
  3. Promote An Open Directory Replica To A Master
  4. Manage Users using the Server app
  5. Manage Groups using the Server app
  6. Demote an Open Directory Server using the Server app
  7. Demote an Open Directory Server from the Command Line
  8. Navigating accountsd
Services Moved to the Client OS
Configure Server Services
  1. DNS
  2. DHCP
  3. Profile Manager
  4. NetInstall
  5. Contacts
  6. Calendar
  7. Messages
  8. VPN
  9. Mail
Other Services
  1. Web Services and Apache
  2. Wikis and WebDAV
  3. Use wfsctl to Manage WebDAV Shares in macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  4. Show The Software Update Service In macOS High Sierra
  5. Software Update Services
  6. Configure Xsan Clients
Manage Servers
  1. Disable Automatic Updates on Servers
  2. Manage the Adaptive Firewall
  3. Enable SSH, ARD, SNMP and Remote Server Access
  4. Enable Push Notifications
  5. Configure Alerts in the Server app
  1. Reset Unresponsive Server App
  2. Server Logs
  3. Server Help Screens
Command Line
  1. serverinfo
  2. Programatically Manage DNS Using dnsconfig
  3. statshares
  4. Startup Profiles
  5. Clear nvram
  6. Manage Profiles from the command line in macOS Server
  7. Xsan Command Line Options
  8. Delete nvram data during deployments
  9. Manage Chat (Jabber) Rooms Programmatically 
  1. Backing Up OS X Server
  2. Add a VPP Token to Profile Manager
  3. Official Apple Documentation
  4. Capturing Smaller Screenshots
  5. Xsan Guide