Xsan Commands

  • cvadmin – Administer an Xsan File System (show volumes, stop volumes, start volumes, view storage pools, manage quotas
  • cvaffinity – List or set affinities for storage pools
  • cvcp – Xsan copy utility (use at your own risk)
  • cvdb – Xsan debugger
  • cvdbset – Used to control the Xsan debugger
  • [slider title=”cvfail”]cvfail[/slider]- Fail volumes over between metadata controllers
  • cvfsck – Check consistency and repair Xsan volumes
  • cvfsdb – FileSystem debugging tool
  • cvfsid – Display system identification information (useful when integrating StorNext clients)
  • cvgather – Compile debugging information for Xsan
  • cvlabel – Label LUNs for use with Xsan
  • cvmkdir – Directory creation tool for Xsan
  • cvmkfile – File creation tool for Xsan
  • cvmkfs – File system (volume) creation tool for Xsan
  • cvuntrespass – Recover files that trespass into restricted areas (like when you got caught jumpin’ the fence of that sorority house back in the day)
  • cvupdatefs – Make a change to an existing volume
  • cvversions – Obtain patch level and versioning information for the system, Xsan and when the patches were compiled.
  • fsm – Volume controller process
  • fsmpm – Volume manager that runs on each node
  • mount_acfs – Xsan mounter
  • sndiskmove – Migrate the contents of one LUN to another LUN
  • sndpscfg – Disk proxy server config tool
  • snfsdefrag – Defragment the volume
  • snmetadump – Save and/or process metadata
  • snmetatar – Backup metadata to tar
  • xsanctl – Xsan control tool allows you to quickly and easily ping (check a client), mount/unmount volumes and check that volumes and disks haven’t changed, all client-side
  • xsand – Xsan client daemon, reads the /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/config/automount.plist and mounts volumes as indicated in the property list

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