Final Cut Server Commands

Final Cut Server has a fairly robust, albeit fairly unsupported command line. The following is a list of some useful commands, along with their paths and functions:

The following are in /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Server/Final Cut Server.bundle/Contents/Resources/sbin:

  • fcsvr_run allows you to interact with the database, amongst other things. To interact with the database use psql as the first positional parameter and then pxdb as the second, to identify which database you will interact with. You can then run a select statement in quotations to do a variety of tasks, such as tallying up the number of assets in a database, etc. Once you have certain information you can then use grep to isolate a specific asset and if you need a specific piece of information for that asset you can pipe the output to awk and grab the relevant position.
  • allows you to stop and start the database, the lds, the transcoder, etc. You can also run various roles in debug mode to obtain more detailed information.
  • fcsvr_snapshot allows you to dump version information, preferences, devices, responses, watchers, subscriptions, schedules, assets, elements, process state, etc into a dump file.
  • fcsvr_load_mdconfig is a ruby script and

The following are in /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Server/Final Cut Server.bundle/Contents/MacOS:

  • fcsvr_backup will backup the database
  • fcsvr_client is the primary command you are supposed to use to interact with Final Cut Server
  • fcsvr_listCompressorSettings allows you to list and set various settings for Compressor
  • fcsvr_ldsd is the process that runs the Final Cut Server engine
  • fcsvr_stored is the process that runs the Final Cut Server database

Additionally, a number of Podcast Producer commands are leveraged throughout the program. These can be found here.

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