Final Cut Server Exam

I finally got around to taking that Final Cut Server exam this week.  It was pretty straight forward.  I think there is definitely a methodology to writing exams.  I wrote a few for Brainbench and because their structure was extremely laid out really got to learn a lot about the methodology to writing questions. I liked the fact that Apple is adding more and more questions where you click on the appropriate item on a screenshot, I look forward to scenario simulations. Microsoft exams mostly require you to get at least one simulator correct in order to pass the exam, some vendors have gone to simulation-only, but the closest Apple has gotten is click on the appropriate location on the screen… As is true with all vendor certifications there were a couple of questions that were more marketing than anything else. This is to be expected and honestly healthy in verifying that you know how to talk about and position a product. But I do think there should be less room for error in each question. There were at least 4 questions where multiple answers were potentially correct and while it didn’t say choose the closest answer you were left doing so. Anyway, I passed with plenty of breathing room, so woo-hoo!!! I think that brings 318 close to 10 people certified with Final Cut Server now, which I feel is a pretty darn healthy number. If you need to take that exam then you should strongly consider Matt Geller’s book on Final Cut Server. It’s going to be some good preparation material!