Move Devices To New Users In Bushel

When you enroll devices into Bushel, you’ll be prompted for a name and email address. We use these two fields to setup the mail profile for users and display who has that device. You can see who a device is assigned to by clicking on the device in Bushel and checking out the Assigned To card, shown here. Move Devices To New Users In Bushel

iOS 9 and Bushel

Once upon a time, you weren’t supposed to talk about pre-release (beta) Apple software. The ban is still kinda’ there. But if you, like us, are testing iOS 9 and would like to know how well Bushel works with it, then you’ll be happy to know that you can enroll devices, install profiles and push apps. If you are testing iOS 9 and you find anything that doesn’t work properly, please feel free to reach out and let us know! In fact, if you’re using iOS 8 and you find anything that doesn’t work properly, definitely let us know that too! Read More About iOS 9 and Bushel On The Bushel Blog

Bushel’s Newton’s Pie

For a truly spectacular apple pie, California is your destination. Or at least, my friend Anna makes the best one I’ve had the pleasure to devour, and she lives in Los Angeles. We made it out to the West Coast a few years back, and our hostess had an evening of sushi, tequila (well, actually mescal), and an apple pie planned. And before you assume the alcohol augmented the taste of the pie, don’t worry, we didn’t consume it all that night. It was just as good or better the next day when we got up around 1:00 in the afternoon. So if you’d like to become a better hostess (or host), make this pie and let your guests eat the leftovers for breakfast. To Learn How To Bake Newton’s Apple Pie, Check Out The Bushel Blog

Make Bushel’s Open Enrollment URL Easier To Use

Many choose a pretty long company name when signing up for Bushel. The Open Enrollment link is generated based on the shortened version of this company name. This link can then be supplied to your users to make it quick and easy for them to enroll (or add) devices into your Bushel. Some end up with a company name that’s difficult to tell others or difficult for others to type. Many of our customers would also like a link on their site that customers can be pointed to. There are a few ways of achieving shorter, easier, or custom links. We’ll go through two, but there are a lot of other strategies you can use as well. For More On Making Your Bushel Enrollment URL Easier To Use, See The Bushel Blog

Bushel: Reset Push Notification Status for an App on iOS

There are certain instances where an app that has push capabilities stops leveraging Apple’s Push Notification Services (APNS). This can happen for a few different reasons. But there’s no error correcting for this process and so occasionally, you’ll want to reset the app back to what amounts to a factory default status, in order to get Push working again. The first time an app is opened, it will register for push notifications and prompt for receiving push notifications for the app. This prompt never occurs again unless the app is uninstalled for a minimum of a day and then reinstalled. You can duplicate this functionality by simply deleting the app and then installing the app again after setting the Date & Time manually a day ahead of the current date. Reset Push Notification Status for an App on iOS

My We Are Bushel Profile

Charles is the Product Manager for Bushel. He’s ultimately responsible for pretty much everything Bushel, including customer acquisition, budget, the tech, etc. Charles came to Bushel after several years at the Chief Technology Officer at 318, a reseller and integrator for JAMF Software and Apple, where he provided (and managed the providing of) consulting services to organizations of all sizes who were integrating Apple technology. While Casper and other tools were great for larger customers, Charles wishes Bushel had been available for him to sell to his smaller customers. To Read The Rest Of My We Are Bushel Profile, Click Here

Why Doesn’t Bushel Sync Data?

The term EMM refers to Enterprise Mobility Management, and refers to a Mobile Device Management tools that also support managing content. Currently, Bushel doesn’t attempt to manage content. This is because we find that most of our customers use a product like Dropbox or to manage content. And no matter how much time we sink (yes, bad pun intended) into attempting to duplicate their efforts, we’ll never manage content as well as they do, as it’s their primary business. For More On Why Bushel Doesn’t Sync Data, Click Here

Use Bushel To Reset An Apple Device

The ability to erase a device can be a life saver for a company. If a phone is lost or stolen, erasing confidential data can help you feel at ease. Here is how to erase an iOS or Mac device in Bushel. How to erase a device with Bushel.

Encrypt Apple Devices Using Bushel

FileVault2 is full disk encryption for the Mac. When you use Bushel to set up FileVault2, the recovery keys will be stored. This is handy if you forget the password to the machine and still need to get access. To learn more about FileVault2 head to Apple’s website. For More On How To Setup disk encryption with FileVault2 and Bushel.

Understanding Apple IDs and MDM

You’ll use this Apple ID for the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). If this is your first time enrolling in any program on the Apple Deployment Programs website, you can create a new program agent account by following the steps below: For More On Apple IDs and MDM, See The Bushel Blog