My Latest @Inc Article On Complacency Is Now Available

My latest @Inc article is now online at This piece focuses on what to do when things are going really good in an organization: more work! 

It starts a little like this:

Running a company can be really hard. But when everything lines up just right, you hit a stride.

The business feels like a well-oiled machine and almost seems to run itself. This is true not just for startup entrepreneurs but also for people who lead departments in larger organizations.

But of course, business is never really easy. Just when you’re riding the wave, a crash always lurks up ahead.

So if you’re fortunate enough to be in a positive place with your business, understand that this is the very time to become uncomfortable and take a hard look at every aspect of the operation.

A business should always be thinking about how to reinvent, even when the revenue is rolling in and morale is high.