Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

I just finished reading Instant Apple iBooks, by Zeeshan Chawdhary., available at Packt at As with mine and TJ’s Instant Apple Configurator book, it’s a nice, quick read. It has very specific recipes for getting your iBook written quickly. The thing I like about this book is that it allowed me to focus on my content rather than thinking so much about how to technically put the words, images and other elements I wanted where I wanted them. I also have to say that while iBooks is pretty easy, using a book like this will get you up to speed much quicker than just knocking around the system hoping to find that one button that allows you to insert a video at just the right size in just the right spot. 4025OT I also like the fact that the layout allowed me to read only the parts that mattered to me. For example, I have used the iBooks app for awhile, so I really just wanted to jump straight into writing. While some of the book is very specific to shopping on the iBookstore much of it is also dedicated to writing. I like it when I can pick something up and have no dependencies looking at earlier elements of the book. Overall, it’s a nice quick read and very practical. Even if you’ve been using iBooks, check it out; you may learn something new (I did).

May 11th, 2013

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