Tiny Deathstars of Foulness

OK, so I’m a little behind (what can I say, absolutely swamped these days!) on posts. I mentioned this on Twitter already, but it’s worth mentioning here as well. I’m involved with a new site, called that takes some of the posts I did at modernizes them and puts them into a much, much prettier interface. I’ll try and keep these up-to-date and expand them as time goes on, with the help of the good folks at Mac Mini Colo. Just in case anyone wonders (yes, I’ve already been asked), no $ has or will change hands, nor discounted hosting for the 3 servers I have at Mac Mini Colo ( is hosted there as well as some of our sites at there’s a server just waiting for me to have time to transfer there). Brian asked if I thought this was a good idea, we’d never met and I like what they do there so agreed to do this. I’m honored he thought of me as I’ve been following the stuff they write up over there on OS X Server for some time and so jumped at the excuse to work with them on a project. Getting the information out there is all this is about, so hope it helps someone!

December 13th, 2012

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