Change The Move Goal On Your Apple Watch

The Activity App lets you set a move goal that matches how much you move around in a given day. I decided to set mine to match my FitBit, which was a little high, so I dropped it back down. To change it, open the Activity app and swipe right to the calories display. Then, force-tap inside the circle indicating your status. IMG_3777 Use the plus and minus button to set your calorie goal for the day. Note: Interestingly, the calories are active. If you’re used to seeing those listed by the FitBit, or many other devices, you’ll be used to seeing Passive Calories. The Apple Watch can show you Passive Calories, but by default it displays Active Calories.

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  1. Hey JK, I’m sorry to report that you cannot currently change the stand goal. I’ll try and remember to say something when you can. Happy Apple Watch’ing!

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