New GUI Directory Services Debug Tool

DSDebug is a small, quick little tool that just puts a server into Directory Services debug mode, waits for a specified amount of time and then drops a file on your desktop with the logs, placing the server back into a non-Directory Services debug mode. That’s all. It’s mostly designed to send to an Open Directory server’s administrator, tell them to double-click on it and not have to step anyone through typing much. It waits mostly so you can know how long it’s going to wait… Nice, small and compact. In the future I will likely build in a pattern matcher with some known, common errors, color coding, etc (or maybe I’ll forget like I sometimes do) but for now it fits my need so I thought it might fit yours as well… Oh, and it cleans up after itself, deleting the DirectoryService.debug.log file in case you captured a massive log or want to run it later without a bunch of crap already in the file…

Click here to Download DSDebug

DSDebug will be made on available on the Apps page as well.

2 thoughts on “New GUI Directory Services Debug Tool”

  1. Nice utility. Any way to add an admin authorization request to touch the debug file? Our users aren’t admins (yay!).

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