I am an engineer. I consult, speak and write about my engineering endeavors, but I love architecting, building, and fixing computery things. I used to work at 318, the largest Apple Consultancy at the time. At 318 I managed projects, training, engineers and did a lot of other random fun stuff in my role as Partner and the Chief Technology Officer. I also did a pretty decent number of fairly complicated jobs for clients and occasionally wrote a piece of code or some such.  
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I then became a Product Manager at JAMF, where I built the team that made what was then called Bushel and is now called Jamf Now. I thin moved on to become the Director of Professional Services, and am now the Director of the Marketplace, which means I have the good fortune of working with the Research and Developer Relations teams to help Jamf customers by making sure Jamf Pro can integrate with more tools to make the lives of customers better. I still write and do some public speaking. 

26 thoughts on “Whoami”

  1. You might want to check the source on your site for something that’s not supposed to be there (in the footer) Sorry to post this here, but there’s no contact-infor on this site for people that don’t use facebook and all that crap. Feel fre to delete my comment once you’ve checked it out 🙂

  2. Just wanted to acknowledge what a great resource this is for me. I have been a Mac user for 25 years, sysadmin for our business site for 5 years, and developer for 30 years. Recently needed to get into Ubuntu and cloud computing and your site overlaps my needs and is one step ahead of me for most all my experiences. It is a pleasure to get your posts and relevancy for me is extremely high.

    I appreciate your clarity and your ongoing contribution to all of us.

  3. Thanks for the instructions to build DSS on Ubuntu 10.X I was stuggling with that for 2 full days. Fortunately, I came upon your excellent instructions. THANKS MUCH!!! Jack Eisenbach

  4. I am trying to deploy CrashPlanPro for Mac with LANDesk, but the package deployment fails. I believe it is failing because it is trying to install as root, when it needs to install as the logged in user. My package works when I install it manually. It pulls the correct user and email information. Any help would be appreciated.


  5. Hi there Charles

    Since 10.7 server came out, the peachpit books have very little command line references to managed the different services on the server.

    Their big thing now, is the big, ON and OFF buttons!

    There is the Advance Server Admin webpage, but it doesn’t give much details about how to administer using CLI the WEB, VPN, and so on service in great details.

    Would you know them by any chance? Or point me to a book that has this info documented please?


  6. With Profile Manager and using certificates and stuff is hard to understand what you need and the correct way to set it up. Possible you could write an easy to understand article about the good and bad and how to setup Mt Lion server using certs for MDM? To my understanding its bad to use the self signed because its impossible to renew the clients certs again, and its hundreds of dollars for a code signed cert and is it even needed or is all you need is a cert for enrollment and your done, etc.

  7. Re OS X server for Yosemite.
    If I buy a separate Mac mini how would I work with it? I do have a spare keyboard but I don’t have a spare monitor. Can I plug the Mac mini into my iMac in order to share the screen?

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  9. I am looking for some assistance with OS X server. I have installed it on my iMac. I have bought a domain and got it configured. I am using noip to emulate a static ip and have an Archer C9 router where I have init set up forwarding for ports, 80, 443 and 993. As I understand it, the Apple ports 1295 and 1296 only need outgoing access. I have got my profile manager working and can enrol, push books and push apps but I cannot get it to check info. The action just sits pending. I have tried everything and am my wits end. Does anybody have any ideas for met hat doesn’t involve resetting the profile manager.

  10. Charles,

    I am looking at your notes on the OS X Server adaptive firewall. The command you list:


    to display information on it doesn’t work in 10.11. It gives the message:

    sudo: /Applications/Server.app/Contents/ServerRoot/System/Library/CoreServices/AdaptiveFirewall.bundle/Contents/MacOS/hb_summary: command not found

    Do you know of an updated command?


  11. Your posts are very thorough and have been very helpful to me; Could you please dedicate some time to the greylisitng “feature” of macOS Server 5.2? There are so many people in the online community struggling to get the whitelisting of domains to work, especially when Apple’s methods in their online documentation fails. Thanks

  12. This used to work great for setting homepage for all users, browsers and even user template
    /usr/local/jamf/bin/jamf setHomePage -feu -fut -homepage https://mycoolnewpage.com
    Now it just changes Firefox (nope… not in Chrome or Safari)
    Any wisdom from the master?

  13. I’ve read your Take Control book on OSX Server, great resource – helped me setup my first Mac OSX Server a few years back. I’ve now run into problems with 5.4 and a local wiki I was running at home. Hoping to find any good pointers on resolving Proxy 502 errors.

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