My name is Charles Edge. I recently moved from sunny Los Angeles to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Professionally, I am an engineer. I consult, speak and write about my engineering endeavors but at the heart of it all, I am an engineer. I work at 318, the largest Mac Consultancy I am aware of. At 318 I manage projects, training, engineers and do a lot of other random funness my role as the Chief Technology Officer. I also still do a pretty decent number of fairly complicated jobs for clients and occasionally write a piece of code or somesuch. I also do a fair amount of writing at the 318 sites:

  1. 318.com – The 318 site
  2. 318.com/TechJournal – The 318 blog
  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/9PRHL6E7iexsU6ABn4.VpkMqvq3rrHV0zGH7#b0b4d me.yahoo.com/a/9PRHL6E7i…


    I work at File Replication Pro and wanted to contact you about your post, and opportunities to expand our partnership (with you and 318). Please contact me.


  • http://www.systemyes.com Marx Martin

    I read your recent review of Apple Training Series – can you tell me if the book has a cd – I want to purchase the kindle version but only if there is no CD with the book?

    • http://www.krypted.com admin

      There was no optical media included with the book. I don’t think any of the ACSA books come with any if you were considering the others as well.

  • http://www.wtisburyschool.org David Crawford

    Great Site! I’m an Apple sysadmin for a K-8 school district. Your tips on AFP tuning were very helpful

  • tenthumbs

    You might want to check the source on your site for something that’s not supposed to be there (in the footer) Sorry to post this here, but there’s no contact-infor on this site for people that don’t use facebook and all that crap. Feel fre to delete my comment once you’ve checked it out :)

  • http://schellingpoint.com Tim Chambers

    Just wanted to acknowledge what a great resource this is for me. I have been a Mac user for 25 years, sysadmin for our business site for 5 years, and developer for 30 years. Recently needed to get into Ubuntu and cloud computing and your site overlaps my needs and is one step ahead of me for most all my experiences. It is a pleasure to get your posts and relevancy for me is extremely high.

    I appreciate your clarity and your ongoing contribution to all of us.

    • http://www.krypted.com Charles

      Thanks! :)

  • Chris

    An automount.plist will also mount a volume from a StorNext MDC:


  • Jack Eisenbach

    Thanks for the instructions to build DSS on Ubuntu 10.X I was stuggling with that for 2 full days. Fortunately, I came upon your excellent instructions. THANKS MUCH!!! Jack Eisenbach

  • Mike

    I am trying to deploy CrashPlanPro for Mac with LANDesk, but the package deployment fails. I believe it is failing because it is trying to install as root, when it needs to install as the logged in user. My package works when I install it manually. It pulls the correct user and email information. Any help would be appreciated.


    • http://www.krypted.com Charles

      Are you doing it through a login hook?

  • Fabrice

    Hi there Charles

    Since 10.7 server came out, the peachpit books have very little command line references to managed the different services on the server.

    Their big thing now, is the big, ON and OFF buttons!

    There is the Advance Server Admin webpage, but it doesn’t give much details about how to administer using CLI the WEB, VPN, and so on service in great details.

    Would you know them by any chance? Or point me to a book that has this info documented please?


    • http://www.krypted.com Charles

      O’Reilly is about to release a cli book for the Mac. But that’s about it. Sorry…

  • cashxx

    With Profile Manager and using certificates and stuff is hard to understand what you need and the correct way to set it up. Possible you could write an easy to understand article about the good and bad and how to setup Mt Lion server using certs for MDM? To my understanding its bad to use the self signed because its impossible to renew the clients certs again, and its hundreds of dollars for a code signed cert and is it even needed or is all you need is a cert for enrollment and your done, etc.

  • Hartmut Greiser

    Re OS X server for Yosemite.
    If I buy a separate Mac mini how would I work with it? I do have a spare keyboard but I don’t have a spare monitor. Can I plug the Mac mini into my iMac in order to share the screen?