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tlho' SoH turns 6 today. Since December 2004 there have been over 1,500 posts, more unique and returning visitors than I ever thought possible and the site has evolved from its state in the 90’s up to 2004, which was my gateway into my home into a site that seems to help plenty of people. For that, I am thankful. Looking forward to the new year, ya’ll!



Goodbye Shoutbox

The shoutbox has been removed from the sidebar. I agree with a poster that it was too much “bling.”



Let’s see how this turns out. I added a shoutbox along the sidebar of the site. Hope it doesn’t get abused like most things do. We shall see… Anyway, let me know what you think…

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Get A Dock in Windows

In addition to getting a theme for Windows that makes it look more like a Mac you can also now install a Dock in Windows!


New Swag

There are a bunch of new items on the store. But even better, there is a new rotating wall that is being embedded into the store page. Check it out!

Hope you enjoy!


Merry Christmas

That’s all I have for today!


Your Mother Was a Hamster

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Books Redux

The books page had been pulled down for a little while due to some issues I was having embedding images. So I went back to the drawing board and found a way to get a carousel of images. So the page with the books I’ve done is back up and online. Hope you like (and yes, I know they spin too fast, it’s still a little bit of a work in progress).
My Books

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Monitoring Amazon ec2 Instances

InterMapper has a solution for monitoring instances of the popular Amazon cloud solution, ec2. Using InterMapper’s Cloud Monitor, you can monitor up to 5 virtual machines that are running for free. If you are just getting started and find that you would like some visibility into the performance of your ec2 instances then this solution is one that will allow you to get into the testing and management without having to incur a large expenditure.

And Cloud Monitor is build on top of Amazon’s Cloud Watch, meaning that it provides the most granular and up-to-date stats available for your instances, based on Amazon’s own tools. I’ve been finding that when you’re transitioning assets into ec2 that Cloud Monitor is a great tool to have at your disposal!


Twitter Hacked (again)

Really? I guess to quote myself “it’s not hacking if you know the password.”  Although to qualify that I must say that is true but getting that password could be… So allow me to rephrase: Twitter got defaced due to a compromised account on their DynDNS service. Obviously I changed my own DynDNS password first thing this morning…



PS – Resistance is futile, Microstan will come to be and all of this will be irrelevant anyway…

PSS – The Zune is Portable Perfection. Resistance is again, futile.