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Mac OS X: Serial Port Access within Parallels

Are you using Parallels?  Need access to a com port through one of those handy little Keyspan’s?  Check this out:

Final Cut Server

Final Cut Server: The Client

OK, so you’ve got that shinny new Artbox, er, Final Cut Server installed and now you want to start using it.  You’ve configured proxy settings, metadata sets, etc.  So you insert your CD into the client and go to run the installer.  But wait a minute, the client isn’t there…  You feverishly search the box that the Unlimited Client came in but find nothing.  Uh oh.  Now we have a problem…  Well, never fear.  Apple loves you.  The client is on the server available to all.  Simply point your browser at the IP of the server followed by /finalcutserver and viola, you’ll love it in an instant.  Now click on download and follow the extremely easy-to-use instructions in the installer!

Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X Server: AquaConnect

I was talking to this client one day and without thinking much of it, we got into the topic of a Mac OS X-based version of Citrix/Terminal Services.  I lamented how I wish that there was a thin client for the Mac that worked like Citrix or Terminal Server but that there wasn’t and that it was the kind of thing that the server admin community for Mac products had been hoping for.  Well, little did I know that the guy was really, really smart and would basically write one within two weeks.  As with many things, the devil is in the details and over the past year or two they have been refining it through various versions to be the very nice product it is today, AquaConnect.  For more, check them out at:


The First Law of Project Management MetaPhysics

You cannot increase scope without increasing budget or removing other scope items…

Articles and Books

Blue Screen of Death Shirt

Many a late night I’ve despised that with which this shirt displays…


Interview Tips: June 2008

Be mindful of your appearance.  Clip those nails, comb that hair and don’t wear the jeans with the rips that you cut off at the bottom.  Look clean; sure, there are a variety of jobs where appearance doesn’t matter, but you know what?  It can’t hurt to look your best, but it could hurt not to.

Business Consulting

Buzz W0rds

Ours is an industry rife with buzz words.  They seem to come and go with every passing financial quarter with regularity.  Each one gets over used and then forgotten, but they all have a reason and they all start somewhere.  I don’t really have much more to say about it…

Mac OS X Mac OS X Server Mac Security

Mac OS X Server: Using Open Directory to Control SideBar

Recently I had a scenario where I wanted to disable all of the menu items using an MCX for some NetBoot clients.  To do so, I ended up building a custom MCX.  To do so, first open Workgroup Manager and click on the group in question.  Then click on Preferences and then the Details tab.  Next, click on the + sign and browse to /System/Library/CoreServices.  Next click on Menu Extras and click on the pencil.  Here drop down the Always disclosure triangle and click on the New Key button.  From here, name the key with menu item in question (or create multiple keys) and set the Type to Boolean and the Value to False.  Keys that you can do this with include:


LoanShark iPhone App

OK, I know this doesn’t really sound like something you’ll need in the field.  Well, it isn’t.  Unless of course you’re in the field in between looking at houses, which I am these days.  So what does this little bugger do?  Well, it can figure up payment, interest, amortization, track progress of mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc.



So what do you get a geek like me to welcome the birth of his firstborn?