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Consulting 101

Don’t talk religion or politics with a client.  Especially if either is their business.  Double especially if both is their business…

Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X Server: Xserve Serial Port

The Xserve has a serial port and it’s enabled by default.  You can disable by commenting out this line:

tty.serial      “/usr/libexec/getty serial.57600″        vt100   off secure

On the Road

Smoking is bad for your health

So why don’t we quit.  Hmmm…


Woe is me

I think I am suffering from “no football to watch depression.”  I miss my Bulldogs.

Mac OS X Mac Security

Mac OS X: Enable X11 Forwarding

In the /etc/sshd_config file is a line that says:
#X11Forwarding no
You can change this to:
X11Forwarding yes
That will enable X11 forwarding.  Of course, only do this if you know why (ergo I will not spell it out for you right now).
Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X Server: Changing the IP

One of the more common mistakes I see people make in the Mac OS X Server world is to just change the IP address.  There are consequences.  So, if you are going to change the IP address of your server, make sure to run the changeip command when you are doing so.

Mac OS X Mac Security Mass Deployment

PGP FDE for Mac OS X

OK, so you can encrypt disks, but not the startup disk – although if you could (and you will be able to soon) then it would be far easier to mass deploy than other solutionz…


Interview Tips – February 2008

An offer isn’t always a final offer.  Feel free to negotiate during the interview process to get what you want.  Hopefully each position is looked at from a long-term perspective.  Set the foundation early and if the organization isn’t willing to meet your needs then perhaps the position is not a good fit.


Crowdsourcing 101

Step 1: Put up a post that asks “what can we do better.”  

Step 2: Read responses…


Goodbye Mr. Tree

So there is a guy about 40 feet up in the air chainsawing the top of my tree down.  Sad…