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Interview Tips – July 2007

Interviewing is never easy.  But it can be a lot harder if you try to take control of the interview.  Let your interviewer drive the agenda.  Let them set the pace for the interview.  And most of all, let them figure out what it is they need to know about you.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X: Zterm


Certifications: MCITP

Mac OS X

Mac OS X: Changing the Default Screen Shot Format

In Mac OS X, the default format that screen shots are captured at are png files. These automagically arrive on the desktop when you are using Command-Shift-4 to capture screen shots. Not everyone uses the png format

defaults write type image_format

Mac OS X

AppleScript Studio

Mac OS X

Mac OS X: Disable Sleep Mode on a Mac Laptop

Disable sleep mode on a Mac laptop even when the lid is closed:


MySQL: Allow Incoming Access

Edit the user record in the mysql.user table, giving it access to connect to the mysql server from an external host by running the following command at the MySQL interface

grant all privileges on *.* to ‘user’@’IPADDRESS’ identified by ‘password’ with GRANT OPTION;

specify the user, IPADDRESS and password you’d like to use in that command and you’re good to go.


StorNext Support for Xsan

The following link shows the compatibility matrix for StorNext Xsan support:

Mac OS X Server

Updating Firmware on Servers

Mac OS X Unix

Writing Shell Scripts

There’s usually a few different steps in the learning process for writing shell scripts.  The first is to figure out how to just do simple things, like write hello world to the screen.  The second is to start using a series of commands.  The third seems to be using variables.  The fourth is to start using libraries to reuse your scripts.  The next is to take variables to the next level, variabalizing everything.  Where are you at with this?