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Ubuntu Unix

Fedora: Installing fail2ban

Install fail2ban using this command:

yum install fail2ban

Next, create the system startup links for fail2ban:

chkconfig –levels 235 fail2ban on

Next, start fail2ban:

/etc/init.d/fail2ban start

The config files are now in /etc/fail2ban.


Cooking: Beets

Beets are usually just cooked wrong.  They’re typically these boiled nasty things.  Until my wife talked me into trying them at Lucia’s in Minneapolis I despised them.  I still don’t love them, but I do like them well enough to cook from time to time.  To cook them, take your beets and wash them off.  Cut off the stalks so you’re just left with the beets themselves.  Then take those and wrap them in foil, sprinkle a few tablespoons of oil in the foil and some balsamic vinegar.  Throw them into a 400 degree oven for about 60 minutes.  The smaller the beet the less time you can bake, but don’t go too short or they’ll be too hard to eat.  Once you pull them out, peel the skin off (obviously being careful not to burn yourself).

They go great with Salmon, steak or sliced into quarters on a salad.


Baked Salmon

Place salmon in baking dish with 4 tablespoons of capers and a half cup of olive oil.  Cover with tin foil.  Bake at 350 for 20 to 22 minutes.



So my buddy Eli told me about his web host, which I’m actually seeing a lot of traffic on various lists about so thought I should mention.  His quote:

Check out the demo panel, its pretty nifty. Still no better than running webmin/cpanel, but not nearly as obtuse because it allows Dreamhost to split roles onto several servers under one panel. Ie, Mail goes on one server, Web on another, MySQL onto another shared server, all under one set of admin pages.

And although you cant mess with the shared host config settings, you are able to SSH in to your own account and run amok with your own files.

Still, I like using CafeEdge, because it’s got my last name in the name and my dad is really quick to turn around requests for me.  😉


Posting For Me

You may have noticed by now that some of these posts are to job my memory about certain things.  I’ll try and mark those as private or something, but in the meantime if you see something that you don’t think warrants a post please don’t email me about it…

Network Infrastructure

Zoneedit UI

A couple of years ago I posted that if you didn’t want to host your own DNS then you should look to Zoneedit to do it for you.  I recently caught a little flack for that.  Why?  Because the user interface sux.  Well, what do I have to say about that?  Well, I don’t care if the UI is bad – it works, and has for years.  Until I need something it can’t do or something better comes along them I’ll keep using it.

Final Cut Server personal

Google Video on VCode and VData

Using VCode and VData to annotate video:



The University of Maryland University College is now offering a remote degree on Computer Information Technology that, as a part of the curriculum, incorporates 3rd party certification preparation.  No SATs needed and it can be done completely on-line.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange 2007: Remove Headers from Outgoing Mail

Get-SendConnector “Connector Name” | Remove-ADPermission -AccessRight ExtendedRight -ExtendedRights “ms-Exch-Send-Headers-Routing” -user “NT AUTHORITYAnonymous Logon”

Mac OS X

Recover Lost Files