FileMaker and Directory Services

I originally posted this at Did you know FileMaker can be configured to authenticate with Open Directory and Active Directory? What does that mean? Well, most companies use a Windows Server or Macintosh Server to allow their employees to log in every day. FileMaker Server 7 now has the ability to connect to those same user accounts instead of having to remember usernames and passwords for both your FileMaker account and your computer account. This also allows companies easier account maintenance when employees join or leave companies. You no longer have to add an account for both the network and FileMaker. In addition to all these benefits, external authentication provides more security for companies that allow their employees to log in remotely.

Xsan: Fragmentation

Xsan volumes can get fragmented.  This can cause the performance to move to a grinding halt.  Dropped frames, slow copy times, even volume corruption are common side effects.  So, to defrag the volume you can use snfsdefrag.  This command-line tool will defrag volumes or files.  You can even specify what to do with the fragmented data, giving you a way to move data between storage pools…